Becoming a dog groomer has so many rewards.  If you have a genuine love for dogs this is the profession for you. Here are just a few reasons that make being a dog groomer a great career choice:

  • Work with dogs daily – This profession allows you wot work with a variety of dogs on a daily basis.  These dogs get to know you & trust you making you part of their family.  You have the opportunity to get to know all breeds of dogs.
  • Promote pet health – Working with dogs you will be evaluating skin conditions, providing nail trimming, ear cleaning, etc.  You will inform the owner of any concerns or evaluations you have made promoting pet health on a daily basis.
  • Lifetime of learning – Dog grooming techniques are constantly changing and improving.  Becoming a dog groomer allows you to challenge yourself daily and learn more knowledge as your career continues.
  • Client interaction – Get to know people in your community & their pets.  Client interaction is a large part of your job day in and day out.  You will have the opportunity to be part of the large dog family that surrounds you.

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